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We live in the Golden Age of Television, with more options to better programing than ever before. But the continued success and innovation that we all love is constantly under threat by new taxes. And new taxes means less innovation, fewer choices and ultimately, less money in your pocket! Click below to let your officials know you want them to support Fair TV Taxes!


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Who We Are

fairtvtax.com is a coalition of leaders in the TV and online video industry, and viewers like you to ensure innovation and protect choices for households across America. We believe viewers should have a voice in policy decisions that affect them and want to give those viewers the tools to make their voices heard!


The Issues

Discriminatory Taxes

Discriminatory Taxes

Cable and telecom companies have been using their money and influence to try and convince state legislators to pass unfair taxes on satellite TV services for more than a decade. With your help, we stopped these efforts almost every time they arose, but the prospect of unfair taxes on satellite TV are always lurking just beyond the horizon.

Internet Video Taxes

Streaming Internet Video Taxes

Also called “Over-the-Top” (OTT) taxes, municipalities and state governments have been trying to create new taxes on OTT video, whether it’s an internet TV service such as Sling TV or one of the growing subscription based on-demand video services. Like other technological innovations, governments see this as a way to raise new revenue, but we want to make sure these efforts don’t hurt this nascent industry.

Utility User Taxes

Utility User Taxes (UUT)

Some municipalities are trying to tax internet video services like gas and electric services. UUT laws were written long before internet video services began and were never intended to apply to internet video services, which are fundamentally different from gas and electric services, and even cable TV which is sometimes considered a utility because it uses public right of ways to build its network.