Contact Your Legislator and Tell Them to Restore Video Service Consumer Protections


We need your help to stop the plan to impose new fees on all of your satellite tv and streaming services!

The Michigan Senate will vote soon on a bill that would protect you, your family and every small business in the state from being hit with NEW FEES just for using the same satellite and streaming services you use to get your video content.

HB 4965 will protect you and your family from being forced to pay additional fees on all of your streaming services that you and your family rely on for affordable news, entertainment and weather.

Small businesses such as bars, restaurants, and hotels also rely on satellite and video streaming to provide quality service to their customers -- they need protection from this fee increase too!

It’s time to take a stand and say enough is enough! Your elected officials shouldn't stand by and watch fee after fee get added to your monthly video bill. Now is NOT THE TIME FOR HIGHER PRICES ON YOUR STREAMING SERVICES!

It only takes a minute to use our easy tool and tell your state senator to SUPPORT HB 4965!